Shell Shock!

You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours” right? Well, at times, I think it is constantly raining on myself and my family. I know others feel the same way at times, too. Just as you start to have good things happen, and then the dominoes all start falling over at once, and it’s one thing going wrong right after the other. It happens to the best and worst of us. It happens to everyone at one point. I think of it the same as one would shell shock. You feel like you can’t breathe, then, the second you think everything firing at you has stopped and you can come out of hiding, that it starts right back again.

Whether it be problems with the health of yourself or a loved one, finding and keeping a job that will feed your family and pay the bills, problems with debt, or if you have people against you, we all have something going on that can give us that shell shock effect. None of us are exempt, and none of us are alone in it. When we feel that nothing else can go wrong, believe me, there is always a way for more to go wrong. However, there is also always a way for things to get better. Always a way to get you out of that “funk” you may be in.

Some people turn to the wrong things when they have the world crashing down around their feet. Maybe it’s gambling. Maybe it’s alcohol. Maybe it’s that you don’t turn to anything at all, but sit in your own world of deep, dark depression, and you don’t let anyone else into that world. Worse yet, maybe you drag people into that world with you, and make them feel as helpless and worthless as you are feeling. I’ve seen this before with people I have known personally. It’s a dark place, and it isn’t a place worth staying. Staying in that dark, personal nightmare can wreak havoc on your family, and any friendships you may have had. If you are in that place, please seek help. It can be from a friend, a family member, a pastor, a doctor. As long as you seek help, and find a way to get out of that depression, and keep out of it, then life with the rest of the world isn’t so bad. Even when things do get rough. Find an umbrella to protect yourself from the trouble raining down on you.

I like to think of God as our umbrella. When we are bombarded with all of that trouble that rains down on us, then we need to remember that God can be covering us to protect us from those troubles. Sure, there are going to be times when those problems will splash right back up on us, but there is always someone there to help us, if we only ask.

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One thought on “Shell Shock!

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